Did you ever wonder why Five in a Row is based on reading the same book five days in a row?

“We may not ever know why some books come to exert such spellbinding power that children want to hear them again and again. Perhaps it will forever be a mystery, like love. There does however seem to be one solid, prosaic explanation: children enjoy repeating books because the experience imbues them with feelings of competence

The Five in a Row November Mini Unit is now available

The Five in a Row November Mini Unit for ages 2-12 is now available! Balloons Over Broadway has been one of our favorite Thanksgiving reads for many, many years. If the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has not been a family tradition…this story might change that. 

We know that planning, requesting books from the library or purchasing

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Are You Noticing Fall in Your Backyard?

Woods, ponds, fields, the skies, and your own backyard

all have a “fall readiness” program going on!

Can you see the signs? One immense benefit, educationally speaking, of taking nature walks through each of the seasons, is to observe “changes” as they occur, to spend time thinking about them—why is the grass turning brown?  Why are the leaves colored, or falling?  Why are the clouds so low and gray?  Why is the air so cool, when it was so warm just a week ago?  What are those animals doing anyway?

As your student spends time outdoors and sees and feels changes around him

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More Before Five in a Row is now available!

🎉 We’re thrilled to officially announce the arrival of More Before Five in a Row! If you purchase the manual through Five in a Row you will receive the full-color, laminated, storybook map for FREE!.The map and disks are provided in the manual in black and white. The full-color, laminated story disks can also be purchased from

What is the all NEW Five in a Row Mini Unit?

We are so excited to announce a new product! The Five in a Row Mini Unit is a digital unit study. A new Mini Unit will be published each month based on a children’s picture book (like the FIAR units from volumes 1-3).

The Mini Unit will include a lesson for each of the five subjects that you

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