Different Learning Styles: Five in a Row Has You Covered

“Look at me when I am talking to you.”

How many times have we heard a parent say that to a child? How many times have we said it to our children?

It seems like a reasonable request when we have something important to say. Whether we’re teaching a concept, issuing a warning, delivering an ultimatum, or even offering a gentle reminder, eye contact seems to seal the deal. But do children listen better or hear better if they are staring us in the eye?

Maybe not.

Many years ago, a fellow homeschool mom shared something about her son that helped me to understand my own children, which in turn, helped me to teach them better.

Diana had been frustrated with her son, David, because every time his piano teacher spoke to him, he looked away as if he couldn’t care less about what she had to say. Diana thought he was being rude and spoke to him about it—many times. It never seemed to change though. Week after week, David would turn his head when his teacher spoke to him. Diana was actually embarrassed by this behavior.

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The Importance of Fostering Imagination

In our highly structured world today, it can be easy to over-schedule our children and rob them of opportunities to be imaginative.  Some children are highly imaginative, and if you have one of those you know it! On the other hand, you may have a child who tends to role play situations they’ve experienced or seen, and it’s important to give that child “food” on which to build his imagination. I’ll share more on that later…

I wanted to share some fun that my granddaughter and I had quite a few years ago when she was just three-and-a-half… spontaneous, memorable fun. Maybe it will remind you of similar times you’ve had playing with and watching your children at play and bring a smile to your face:

After piling sand toys, chairs, blankets and a bit of provisions (water & pretzels) in the car, my daughter, Becky, and I took Lily to the beach. While Becky set up the chair and blanket area,

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Choose to Sit

I remember a season when I was finding myself overwhelmed. We were preparing to move to a new home and just the thought of packing was making me want to crawl back in bed. My precious daughter, Lily, was cutting her molars and enjoying sharing her pain with the rest of us. And the weather was so cloudy

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New Digital Unit – Introductory price for 1 week!

Jane fell in love with this book a few years ago and she and Carrie Lambert Bozeman have written a unit to share with you!

The Tree Lady: The True Story of How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever, 

written by H. Joseph Hopkins and illustrated beautifully by Jill McElmurry.

Katherine Olivia Sessions never thought she’d live in a place without trees. After all, Kate grew up among the towering pines and redwoods of Northern California. But after becoming the first woman to graduate from the University of California with a degree in science, she took a job as a teacher far south in the dry desert town of San Diego. Where there were almost no trees.

Kate decided that San Diego needed trees more than anything else. So this trailblazing young woman singlehandedly started a massive movement that transformed the town into the green, garden-filled oasis it is today. Now, more than 100 years after Kate first arrived in San Diego, her gorgeous gardens and parks can be found all over the city.

Part fascinating biography, part inspirational story, this moving picture book about following your dreams, using your talents, and staying strong in the face of adversity is sure to resonate with readers young and old.

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It’s Okay to Have a Bad {Homeschool} Day – Podcast 3 of 3 with Jane Claire

Our very own Jane Claire Lambert was a special guest on The Busy Mom podcast, and I want to be sure you don’t miss any of the episodes!  Jane’s heart is to encourage families along their homeschool journey, and as much as she doesn’t like to speak, this is a rare opportunity to glean wisdom from her wealth! I promise, you’ll be encouraged as Jane shares how much we are not alone!  (Really. We ALL want to put the kids on the big yellow bus sometimes.)

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