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Using Beyond Five in a Row – Supplemental Resources

 Inherent in any unit study is the need for good supplementary resources.

Library – You’ll be making regular trips to the library as your student moves from topic to topic. While Beyond Five in a Row provides a tremendous amount of specific, factual content, it will not be enough to satisfy your student who wants to pursue a subject in greater depth. Find a librarian with a heart to serve rather than one who is simply good at checking out books. Explain your needs and what you are doing and then let her know

A Series on Using Beyond Five in a Row

If you’re using Beyond Five in a Row, you’re on a wonderful adventure in education built around the concept that the single most important lesson any child can learn is to “love learning.”  We strongly believe that if a child successfully learns this lesson, all the rest will follow.  You know by now that  Beyond Five in a Row is a literature-based unit-study built around strong, traditional and delightful children’s books.

Unlike Five in a Row, you will not be studying specific academic subjects on specific days of the week.  Instead, you will be

Is Before Five in a Row for You?

What is Before Five in a Row? Let’s begin with what it isn’t.  It isn’t a curriculum.  Neither is it an aggressive, academic training regimen designed to turn your pre-schooler into a scholastic superachiever.

It is a rich treasure of creative ideas designed to help you gently, consistently prepare your children for the life-long adventure of learning.  

For children ages two to four, Before Five in a Row is better than a curriculum!

The book is divided into two parts.  The first section contains

The Relevance and Accessibility of Five in a Row

I often hear my husband say,

“In order for meaningful learning experiences to happen, it is the teacher’s responsibility to present the lessons to her student in an interesting, relevant and accessible manner!”

Yes, this is a wise phrase that I’ve heard my husband share hundreds of times and one with which I heartily agree. Indeed, Five in a Row was written in an attempt to make the lessons as interesting, relevant and accessible as possible. With that in mind, it is such great fun to hear from those of you who use Five in a Row. Many of you have written to share

Finding Balance with the Blackbird

On a drive through the country one day, I noticed a red-winged blackbird flying rapidly across a fallow field.  In the center of the field there was an unusually tall mullein plant.  This weedy plant has a large dinner-plate-size rosette of fuzzy green leaves at its base.  Rising from the base is a three-foot bare stalk that has yellow flowers on it when it’s in bloom.

Catching sight of the red stripe out of the corner of my eye, I watched him