I remember a season when I was finding myself overwhelmed. We were preparing to move to a new home and just the thought of packing was making me want to crawl back in bed. My precious daughter, Lily, was cutting her molars and enjoying sharing her pain with the rest of us. And the weather was so cloudy and foggy it was hard to feel clear-headed.

This was one of those times when I thought something profound such as, “Well, if I’m feeling overwhelmed, it’s probably because… I am!” And so instead of fighting it and trying to “just get one more thing” accomplished, I rested a bit more.

One night, for example, my husband was running errands, Lily was acting a little squirmy and I was eyeing that last pile of dishes that really needed to head toward the dishwasher. My first inclination was to try to distract Lily with some sort of toy or video and finish the dishes – but I didn’t. I let the dishes stay put (they weren’t going anywhere), I changed Lily into some fuzzy pajamas and we curled up in our big chair for some reading time. And you know what? Twenty minutes later I felt refreshed, Lily was relaxed and I thought to myself, ” It doesn’t get any better than this.”

So, as school is beginning again and your schedule starts to fill up, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed you may want to give my idea a try. Instead of just pushing through — stop. Enjoy some quiet moments with your children and husband and remember that it is in these quiet moments we often find our greatest joy.


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