So we’re hurtling headlong toward Christmas, and for most of us that means stumbling over a thousand loose ends and to-do projects that seem to consume our every waking thought at times.



Find some margin.

Read a book with your children.

Go for a walk.

NO holiday is worth losing your peace or being so over-committed that you end up wanting to strangle your kids!! If that room doesn’t get cleaned before Grandma comes it’ll be all right. If this package doesn’t get wrapped and just gets dropped in a gift bag, life will go on! If your husband only gets the one gift and the one stocking stuffer and never gets that other little thing you meant to go to the mall and pick up, he’ll love you anyway!

Give yourself permission to ENJOY this Christmas with your children instead of turning it into a contest to see who is the last mother standing!!!

Take a minute to share how you discipline yourself to enjoy this crazy holiday season?


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