Values and Mercy – Teaching Both!

Have you ever caught yourself looking at someone, seeing something that you felt you were much better at, and then making a huge critical judgment? You know, the kind that makes you feel rather superior? One of the phenomenon of teaching our children at home is that we have a wonderfully beneficial environment for teaching

Subscription changes, a linky update & a giveaway!

**You might notice that this post looks different in your inbox! We’ve switched to AWeber for our blog subscription service to serve you more effectively. Hopefully it made the switch for you seamlessly! I’m interested to know how often you’d like to receive an email with the blog posts, so if you want to head

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How Others Use Before Five in a Row

Almost all of use want to see how others homeschool. The beauty of Before Five in a Row is that it can be adapted to fit your family in many, many ways… as many ways as there are families and children using it!

Before Five in a Row is intended to be used quite simply:

1) Read a delightful book to your children – several times over a few days.

2) Notice topics -listed in your B4 manual- that lend themselves to exploration.

3) Lead your child through living learning as you explore those topics in your daily lives!

This is where the linky comes in…

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A Plate Full of Marinade?

I’m thankful so many of you are enjoying the Five in a Row FoldNLearns! Thank you for sharing your feedback! I know we have enjoyed being able to freely enhance your Five in a Row experience. However, there’s one risk we took in sharing those with everyone. ┬áThat risk is

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You’re the Curator of Your Family’s Museum

Every once in awhile, I read a book that so captures my heart that I find myself turning to the first page as soon as I’ve finished the last. Usually, these books are fiction – stories that draw me in and introduce me to characters I can’t bear to leave behind when the story ends.

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