Firmly Planted

Written and designed for all ages, Firmly Planted’s Bible Study Series is perfect for use at home or church–as a family or in a group setting! [View Site]

First Class Homeschool Ministries

First Class Homeschool Ministries is working with parents and pastors to establish an international network of homeschool cooperatives. We are praying for homeschool co-ops to become a “staple” of church ministry. [View Site]

Rainbow Resource

Imagine a school that has been operating for centuries and has produced some of the greatest civic leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs of their era. Where the student has the time and freedom to follow the pursuits of his heart and the development of each student’s mind, body and character is the highest priority. This school is the home school, and we believe Rainbow Resource Center is the best choice for homeschooling resources. [View Site]

The Busy Homeschool Mom

For more than a decade, Jay & Heidi St. John have been ministering to homeschooling families. Heidi is transparent, relatable and hilarious to boot. Trust me, she’s been reading your mail, and you’ll be glad she did. [View Site]

Impart Magazine

Impart Magazine is an exciting resource for bringing new ideas and encouragement to modern women and mothers looking to inspire their children’s education and introoduce fresh and beautiful ideas to enrich their homes. [View Site]

Purple House Press

Our mission is to rescue long lost, but well loved children’s books. Today’s children deserve to read wholesome stories from a simpler time and we know grownups want to revisit with childhood friends too! [View Site]