Did you ever wonder why Five in a Row is based on reading the same book five days in a row?

“We may not ever know why some books come to exert such spellbinding power that children want to hear them again and again. Perhaps it will forever be a mystery, like love. There does however seem to be one solid, prosaic explanation: children enjoy repeating books because the experience imbues them with feelings of competence

For the Family’s Sake – Becky Jane’s Recommendation

As you can imagine in the Five in a Row family, books are important to us.  And one of our favorite things is to pass on recommendations of books that we believe are worth reading!

There’s a book I want to share with you, and it’s the kind of warm, earthy, uplifting and nurturing book you can

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Using Beyond Five in a Row – Supplemental Resources

 Inherent in any unit study is the need for good supplementary resources.

Library – You’ll be making regular trips to the library as your student moves from topic to topic. While Beyond Five in a Row provides a tremendous amount of specific, factual content, it will not be enough to satisfy your student who wants to pursue a subject in greater depth. Find a librarian with a heart to serve rather than one who is simply good at checking out books. Explain your needs and what you are doing and then let her know