Parenting Thoughts from the Corral {part 3}

So far in this series of posts, we’ve talked about anger vs. gentleness and leadership in our parenting.  Today we’re going to talk about setting goals and the importance of doing so.  Having a goal gives us something toward which to go and sets our trajectory. If you aren’t doing this already, what about setting some specific goals? We so often work in generalizations and then wonder why we aren’t getting where we’d like to go. In leading and educating our children, we can begin to get more specific. Write down goals, go over them, and imagine ways to implement and present new lessons (whether academic or character). There is still room to go with the flow, but especially in character lessons–life lessons, a specific goal is helpful.

Next after declaring the goal is to

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Parenting Thoughts from the Corral {part 2}

Well, you might be interested to know that after writing that article last week, my life changed in such a way that I’ve had to put everything I wrote in that article into practice myself! We have two new puppies at our house. Are you sufficiently amused?

And here I am, trying to write about educating…educating children, and what I’ve learned through educating children, and horses, and now dogs! In all of this I want to declare that I know it is not always easy. Trying to put into practice just some of the things I shared last month has humbled me on several occasions. Yet, I still believe the principles are true, even if the ideals are high. It still seems worth pursuing a reasonable gentle, approach to educating, even if stumbling occurs and one has to get up and try again. And yes, I did stumble a few times and

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Parenting Thoughts from the Corral {part 1}

Even though my focus of study has traditionally been on reading materials encouraging parents as they raise and teach their children, for the last six months I’ve found myself doing a lot of reading about horse training techniques. Through this study, I have discovered men and women horse owners and trainers whose number one rule is never get angry (or rather, never show anger or let it build) — and I must admit, this amazes me. If one of these trainers can’t accomplish something with their horse, or they take a spill, they don’t waste their time blaming or expressing anger with their horse, or using heavy handed methods to “teach their charge who’s boss.” Instead they just back off and quietly study the situation, trying to think of a new way to gain the horse’s trust and convince the horse to cooperate. They put their energy into trying to figure out what would help their horse understand what it needs to know to mature in its training.

While I do know that horses are not children, I seem to keep finding crossover wisdom for parents here. What if anger and irritation simply

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He knowed! He knowed!

Something small but sweet happened to my daughter  a few years ago. In the grand scheme of life, it was small. But to my mamma’s heart and her child-like faith, it was huge. I wanted to share it with you too.

When Lily was younger, she was scheduled to go in for her first eye appointment. She was four then, and her pediatrician thought it would be good for her to see an ophthalmologist to get a baseline examination so we could track her eyesight.

Lily was quite nervous.

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Trophy Wives and Trophy Children

This is a little bit of a long post, but all of my efforts to split it into two posts fell flat.  It just felt like I was leaving you hanging!  So get yourself a cup of coffee to enjoy while you read some encouragement from Steve today.


We’re all familiar with the term “trophy wife.” This usually describes the rich, worldly man who chooses not to marry for love, but rather to marry for a suitable “trophy” to show off among his friends and business partners; a beautiful woman, beautifully dressed, perfectly coiffed manicured and lavishly bejeweled. Love never enters into this arrangement- it’s purely about image.  Did you know we can also have “trophy children?”

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