Five in a Row in Real Life

/Five in a Row in Real Life

Did you ever wonder why Five in a Row is based on reading the same book five days in a row?

“We may not ever know why some books come to exert such spellbinding power that children want to hear them again and again. Perhaps it will forever be a mystery, like love. There does however seem to be one solid, prosaic explanation: children enjoy repeating books because the experience imbues them with feelings of competence

What do you want?

I stumbled upon a quote a while ago that had me pondering all its meanings.

It read:  To be disciplined is to remember what you want. 

As you are all gathering materials and planning the teaching year to come, it’s probably wise to solidify your goals.  Why exactly was it that

Finding Balance with the Blackbird

On a drive through the country one day, I noticed a red-winged blackbird flying rapidly across a fallow field.  In the center of the field there was an unusually tall mullein plant.  This weedy plant has a large dinner-plate-size rosette of fuzzy green leaves at its base.  Rising from the base is a three-foot bare stalk that has yellow flowers on it when it’s in bloom.

Catching sight of the red stripe out of the corner of my eye, I watched him

The Treasure of Reading Aloud

My husband and I had the privilege of talking about reading to young children with the man who was building our home. He has a young family of four and has decided that he wants to begin to gather them together and read a book out loud. Steve and I found ourselves warming to the subject and suggesting all kinds of titles for him to try.

As I pondered the subject of reading as a family, I found myself

Thoughts When Planning the New School Year

As many of you are moving into the last month of summer
and will resume studies in the fall,
I thought I might share
with you a few ideas to tuck in your heart.
First, when you get back to your studies and are ready to present your first lessons don’t forget to “start with what they know.” It is so much fun to begin a lesson by finding out what your students already know about a subject. Children enjoy having something to