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Broadening Your Child’s Educational Palate with FIAR

From time to time I’ll hear a mother say that her child just isn’t interested in a story or her child was whining by the second or third day and didn’t want to read the book again. And sometimes a book simply will NOT connect with a child for some unknown reason. BUT . . . we live in a very, very, VERY different world than when I was five years old more than 60 years ago.

And that’s not necessarily good.

Many children today have little or no attention spans, having been anesthetized with a relentless flow of electronic entertainment. Simple illustrations and simple stories may not be the first choice of children who’ve grown accustomed to never-ending sensory overload.

One of the many beautiful attributes of FIAR is

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How to Teach so a Child Falls in Love with Learning

When Jane and I began homeschooling more than thirty years ago, almost no one gave up or quit homeschooling. You began and you finished the task—at least until, if not through, high school. But in recent years the “drop-out rate” of homeschool parents is growing rapidly, with many quitting after only a year or two

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Do your days need some breathing room?

Steve is guest posting over on The Busy Homeschool Mom’s blog today, but you’ll want to be sure to get over there and read it! Such good encouragement for all busy moms to apply!

Did you ever watch your child running with a too-full cup of water or juice? How long did it take you to

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You’re in the Super Bowl?

Some of you watched the Super Bowl yesterday and some of you didn’t. Some of you didn’t even know there was a Super Bowl yesterday!

The Super Bowl is the culmination of a professional football career. Many Hall of Fame players never got the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl. They call it the “Big Show.” Only the best of the best, and the blessed of the blessed get to play in the Super Bowl.

That’s you! Did you know you’re in the Super Bowl of education? 

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Past, Present and Future and how they Relate to Homeschooling

Jane and I heard in church last Sunday that Christmas is a reminder that Jesus came, 2000 years ago to live among us: Emmanuel. AND, that He is HERE with us now, in the present tense. And of course that He has promised to come again- to wrap up time and eternity. That’s good news!!

But I was thinking these same thoughts in terms of homeschooling. Your homeschooling journey too is

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