Using Nature Studies

/Using Nature Studies

A Series on Nature Study

Recently I’ve found great joy in reading the works of nature lovers, naturalists, and scientists from the late 1800s and early 1900s. It seems like so long ago, and yet their observations of nature are exactly the same as the ones I’ve noted in my own journals throughout my life! What they saw and appreciated, I’ve seen and loved as well. Comfortingly, nature is nature, and it goes on season after season, year after year. It is a good thing to share that comfort with our children. In addition, we can learn from those who have tramped the woods and fields or gazed into the night skies before us and

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Nature Study through Journaling

 Nature Journaling is a wonderful way to document your nature study.  Journaling will look different for each of your children, but can be helpful and fun regardless of their ages!  We’ll start with our youngest children!


Nature Journaling with Preschoolers:

One way to journal with preschoolers is to make a little

Nature Study on a Nature Walk

Nature Walks

~ Five Special Reasons to Get Up and Get Out! ~

Nature walks are an imperative part of nature study! After all, how can you truly study God’s creation without getting out  into it?  There are so many reasons to enjoy nature walks with your children, but I’ve chosen to share just five with you today.

1)  Nature walks will teach your child to

Nature Study with Five in a Row

In this series, we have shared our heart for nature study through nature walks, nature journaling, and caring well for God’s creation. It is definitely a strong desire at Five in a Row that you and your children all get out and enjoy time in nature!  Our main goal is that

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Nature Study and Caring for the Earth

With all this nature walking and journaling, you’re sure to have a student who is becoming quite observant of the world around him!  God created it – and it was good.  He took pleasure in His creation.  Remind your student of something he has made where he was extremely pleased with the result. Show him that the earth and everything it contains was God’s project, and He was happy with what He had made as well!  Near the end of His work, He placed man in the garden to be its loving gardener and to tenderly care for it.  It’s our home, and we have a responsibility to be good stewards of it!

You’ve already begun by