Cranberry Thanksgiving Unit Available Now!

We’ve made Cranberry Thanksgiving available as a downloadable unit just in time to share it with your family this year!
Get yours here for just $5 today!

Read more about Becky Jane Lambert’s week rowing Cranberry Thanksgiving with her daughter here.

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Five in a Row Holiday… Entire Book Available and pdf Sample for Viewing!

Five in a Row Holiday – Through the Seasons is truly a set of units you will not want to miss, so I mentioned it to you last week.  I truly did not do it justice, nor did I provide you with enough information.  Knowing that it’s hard to get your hands on an out of print book that is only sold via digital format, I want to share quite a few more details.

As you give thanks today, remember this…

With our own children now approaching “middle age” (admittedly still on the very low end of that arbitrary range) and our oldest grandchild now a teenager, I can tell you that of all the things I’m thankful for after 42 years of marriage, the fact that we chose “homeschooling” beginning in 1982 is

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First Thanksgiving of All

Reading poems with children can be great fun. Snuggling together, listening to the rhythm and rhymes, catching an interesting image or giggling over a funny line, brings a sense of intimacy and richness to your family gathering. Reading good prose, enjoying together a great piece of art, music or dance are all wonderful, but don’t forget to add the enjoyment of good poetry. Here is a poem by Nancy Byrd Turner you can have fun with at Thanksgiving.

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Operation Christmas Child

Five in a Row always wants to encourage a lifestyle of learning, and that means there’s a lot more learning that occurs outside a planned Five in a Row unit. Developing family traditions is something we often speak of as part of that lifestyle, and  Operation Christmas Child is a great way to get involved with helping children around the world at Christmas time.  (It’s far from the only way to help, though!) I know many of you probably participate in Operation Christmas Child, so I thought I’d share a few ideas and links that we use that make it a bit more of a lifestyle activity for us.