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/Sale/Coupon Code

A Linkup, Samples, a Slideshow and a COUPON CODE!

I thought that might get your attention!

Linkup:  I keep hearing from you that you want to see how other families use Five in a Row.  Why does that help us feel better about the way we do things? But that’s for another post… I’m going to host a linkup for how you all do Five in

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Five in a Row Holiday… Entire Book Available and pdf Sample for Viewing!

Five in a Row Holiday – Through the Seasons is truly a set of units you will not want to miss, so I mentioned it to you last week.  I truly did not do it justice, nor did I provide you with enough information.  Knowing that it’s hard to get your hands on an out of print book that is only sold via digital format, I want to share quite a few more details.