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Can I use Five in a Row with my Older Child?

My child is 9 or 10 or… can I use Five in a Row with him? This is a question I see almost every week on one of our social media pages. The short answer is: YES! Here’s the long answer:

On Planning Beyond Five in a Row

In the surveys a number of you asked for more posts on Beyond Five in a Row.  I thought I’d start with this note from Becky Jane on how she suggests you go about your planning.  ~ Melissa

Many of you have compared FIAR to Beyond FIAR and made the astute observation that FIAR neatly packages its lessons into a separate subject for each day — 5 days a week. And unlike FIAR, Beyond gives you a bevy of different subjects (some being more present in certain books than others) and no specified day on which to do them. This is true!

When you are using a chapter book unit study (and if you have chosen to purchase and use Beyond FIAR that is indeed what you are using ), there is no way to neatly extract a lesson in all five subject areas out of each chapter. I suppose it could be done, but the lessons would be forced and nonsensical. Instead, I like to take a more organic approach to unit study planning —

Using Beyond Five in a Row – A Mishmash of Thoughts

We’ve talked about planning, supplemental resources, and the importance of a timeline. Today we have a mishmash of topics for you!

Essay Questions

In Beyond, you will find an essay question idea for every chapter. We strongly believe that learning to communicate clearly is foundational to any good education. Your student may or may not need to understand the complexities of physics in his chosen career field, but he will need to be able to communicate with others through both the spoken and written word. Use these essay questions as a starting point. Encourage your student to write frequently. If you have another idea for an essay question, by all means use it instead! Assign the length of each essay based on your student’s abilities and age. Younger students or students with learning disabilities may only be able to write 1-3 paragraphs. Older students, or those who excel in writing may want to write 1-3 pages or more. Feel free to adjust the assignment length as you find out what works for you. And don’t feel obligated to

Using Beyond Five in a Row – The Importance of aTimeline

For those of you just joining our series on Beyond Five in a Row, we have covered an introduction, practical planning tips and supplemental resources thus far.  Today I’m going to share with you the importance of a timeline.

A timeline is a very important tool for helping pull a unit study together. You can purchase the Five in a Row Digital  Timeline or you can make your own. A timeline can be as simple as

Using Beyond Five in a Row – Supplemental Resources

 Inherent in any unit study is the need for good supplementary resources.

Library – You’ll be making regular trips to the library as your student moves from topic to topic. While Beyond Five in a Row provides a tremendous amount of specific, factual content, it will not be enough to satisfy your student who wants to pursue a subject in greater depth. Find a librarian with a heart to serve rather than one who is simply good at checking out books. Explain your needs and what you are doing and then let her know