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Bible & Character Supplement – Jane Shares How to Use

Many FIAR families look for direction in how to use the Bible & Character Supplement.  It’s such a rich resource we hate for anyone to miss out! After all, the most important aspect of living a lifestyle of learning is that learning which develops our character and worldview!

For each Five in a Row story selection, I give in our FIAR Bible Supplement ideas and Biblical references to Bible incidents. I show where these can be found in the Bible. The side-bar (bold type) chapters or verses that have been cited were never meant for memory or necessarily to be read word for word! These chapter or verse notations are just to show the teacher where to find the connected concept or Bible story.

For instance,

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One Mom’s FIAR Planning Process

For as many FIAR families as there are out there, there are as many ways to plan your year. Here’s one mom’s routine:

1. Create school year calendar.

2. Review school calendar and select START and END dates for upcoming school year. I officially school for 36 weeks or 180 days; however, I select an end date

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Are you brave enough to find things that don’t work?

 I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 things that don’t work. ~ Thomas Edison
I can hear it now: “Maybe this is the year I become a perfect teacher,” many of you might be thinking or hoping, but the truth is there are no perfect teachers. As in any area of our lives, there are always aspects that can be improved. The goal is to keep trying. If a teaching method or material is working for your student (and family) keep it. If it is not, be willing to cheerfully abandon it for something else which will work better. Do however, give it a good try.

Every teacher who has ever taught goes through this process, and as homeschool teachers we have the privilege of doing so as well. It will certainly help keep a joy in our journey if we begin to think like Edison, that we are successfully finding the things that don’t work as we learn the methods that do. When we conquer the fear that we will fail, then we can become brave enough to find out what methods bring genuine learning to our children and become confident enough to employ these methods, even when they are not the traditional classroom teaching styles. Remember,

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Can I use Five in a Row with my Older Child?

My child is 9 or 10 or… can I use Five in a Row with him? This is a question I see almost every week on one of our social media pages. The short answer is: YES! Here’s the long answer:

There’s a Reason It’s Called Five in a Row!

Before you make a decision to read the selected story less than five days in a row, it may be helpful to know why the curriculum was developed this way. Then you have the background knowledge it takes to decide how you want to use it with your student.

Do we really have to read the story five days in a row?

Some children read a story only for the plot. When they “know what has happened,” they are ready for a new book. The plot is all they know to find in a book. It takes a bit of creativity and planning for these children to experience the richness of a good story–to find out how much more than just the plot can come to them through a great book!The Five in a Row Curriculum was designed to find many treasures in every story -across several academic topic areas-and to provide a built in review every time you re-read the story. Each day as your child hears the story again,

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