You’re in the Super Bowl?

Some of you watched the Super Bowl yesterday and some of you didn’t. Some of you didn’t even know there was a Super Bowl yesterday!

The Super Bowl is the culmination of a professional football career. Many Hall of Fame players never got the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl. They call it the “Big Show.” Only the best of the best, and the blessed of the blessed get to play in the Super Bowl.

That’s you! Did you know you’re in the Super Bowl of education? 

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He knowed! He knowed!

Something small but sweet happened to my daughter  a few years ago. In the grand scheme of life, it was small. But to my mamma’s heart and her child-like faith, it was huge. I wanted to share it with you too.

When Lily was younger, she was scheduled to go in for her first eye appointment. She was four then, and her pediatrician thought it would be good for her to see an ophthalmologist to get a baseline examination so we could track her eyesight.

Lily was quite nervous.

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Need Your Input for NEW Five in a Row Product!!

Five in a Row is creating a new product, and we need your input!

Jane’s heart for Five in a Row has always been that it involves research in child-sized pieces, avoids mindless paperwork, and develops a love of learning and exploration. In order to avoid the mindless paperwork, many choose to adopt a purely conversational method: read a Five in a Row book, talk about the lesson and move on! While that method avoids mindless paperwork, offers information in child-sized pieces, it may not require enough

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Winter books you don’t want to miss!

Now that everyone’s settling back in after the holiday fun, I wanted to point out all of the Five in a Row books that are set in the winter season!  It’s not necessary that you row a book during the correct season, as doing it in the off season provides a great opportunity for review, but in our home we really enjoy exploring the season in the context of a great book.  The other benefit of rowing a book during the correct season is that it’s a perfect way to tie in the…

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The Garden Year

This sweet poem is clearly written for seasons in America, but it would be delightful experience to rewrite it with your children for your location! Maybe it’s not even accurate for your American state. Come share it with us when you write your adaptation, and be sure to tell us where you live!

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