Becky Jane’s Cranberry Thanksgiving Week

I wrote this after my first Cranberry Thanksgiving “row” with my sweet Lily Jane. I thought you might enjoy it as you are planning your Thanksgiving school with your children!

For the last week, my daughter, Lily Jane, and I have been having a marvelous time rowing the Five in a Row Volume One lessons for Cranberry Thanksgiving.This is the first FIAR book we have rowed and Lily has been living and breathing pilgrim life. I thought I would share with you some of the things we’ve enjoyed together.
Of course each day began with

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Are you brave enough to find things that don’t work?

 I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 things that don’t work. ~ Thomas Edison
I can hear it now: “Maybe this is the year I become a perfect teacher,” many of you might be thinking or hoping, but the truth is there are no perfect teachers. As in any area of our lives, there are always aspects that can be improved. The goal is to keep trying. If a teaching method or material is working for your student (and family) keep it. If it is not, be willing to cheerfully abandon it for something else which will work better. Do however, give it a good try.

Every teacher who has ever taught goes through this process, and as homeschool teachers we have the privilege of doing so as well. It will certainly help keep a joy in our journey if we begin to think like Edison, that we are successfully finding the things that don’t work as we learn the methods that do. When we conquer the fear that we will fail, then we can become brave enough to find out what methods bring genuine learning to our children and become confident enough to employ these methods, even when they are not the traditional classroom teaching styles. Remember,

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2013-2014 Five in a Row Planner™ 5 day SALE

The 2013-2014 Five in a Row Planner is available (and we have a SAMPLE for you to view)!

The Five in a Row Planner™  was created to simply and practically plan your homeschool days in a visually attractive format including artwork by Jane Claire Lambert, customized for Five in a Row!  This planner includes all you’ll need for all of the levels in one 100 page file, via digital download.

Print out your Before, Five in a Row or Beyond Planner at your local copy shop or at home. You choose from the 4 cover images provided. Have it spiral bound or store it in a 3-ring binder, whichever you prefer. Print new pages as you need them, or print it all at once…it’s up to you!

The planner includes printables for:

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Introducing the Five in a Row Notebook Builder!

The heart of Five in a Row as a company is to encourage research in child-sized pieces, avoid mindless paperwork, and develop a love of learning and exploration. Five in a Row is built on quality literature.  We take that literature and offer loads of topics to be explored further. Inherent in Five in a Row is the concept of open ended thoughts about a topic… a child following her interest sparked by a book about an elephant leading to a month long delight in all things elephants leading to a dream of an African safari and Oh! what other animals live on the savanna? Phew! Anyone else have a child like that? Rather than leading our children to a correct answer that has been predetermined by the creator of a worksheet, and quite possibly even squelch  their own interests on a topic, the concept of notebooking gives children an opportunity to to share what they think is remarkable and memorable, encouraging independent, critical thought!

When you use the notebooking method, you present the lessons, learn about the concepts together or individually, and then allow the child to share what  he thinks is remarkable in the way that works best for him: drawing a picture, dictating to you his understanding, writing a story to explain her thoughts, rewriting a story to make it funny, writing short report, etc. We realize that homeschool life is busy, and it’s really nice when something is made a little easier for us by being readily available.

We have created a Notebook Builder to make it easy for the busy homeschooling mom to do Five in a Row and Beyond Five in a Row the way they were intended! 

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How important are relationships?

As this teaching year draws to a close and we begin to make new goals and plans for the year to come, here is a possible thought to consider: Many of us have come to believe, based on observation and success, that tutorial education is indeed the most efficient and by far the most interesting, exciting way to teach. With this teaching system we are able to customize studies for each of our children and help them to explore their world in the directions that they individually enjoy the most. Indeed, the lesson plans in Five in a Row were written to make this type of education readily available to homeschool teachers.

Yet, there are usually two sides to every good goal and while we take the time to help our children develop into unique individuals, we want to make sure that they also realize

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