The Treasure of Reading Aloud

My husband and I had the privilege of talking about reading to young children with the man who was building our home. He has a young family of four and has decided that he wants to begin to gather them together and read a book out loud. Steve and I found ourselves warming to the subject and suggesting all kinds of titles for him to try.

As I pondered the subject of reading as a family, I found myself

If this is your first September

For moms who are approaching homeschooling for the first time this year, September can look like a tsunami threatening to overwhelm you. I have spoken to many new teaching moms who have told me they want to have everything ready, everything in order, that they want to know just how their teaching day will be and to have complete control of their teaching situation.

But, my experience after seventeen years of homeschooling is that the homeschooling journey is more of an Easter egg hunt.

You begin with an empty basket and set off down the path of all the curriculum, all the teaching methods, all the suggestions for how to organize your day until you find one of these eggs that looks interesting. You pick it up and

To Be Known

 Everyone feels a lovely sense of relief at moments when they realize they are deeply understood and known. Of all the myriad of things that bring refreshment to me, the knowledge that God knows me personally and that He loves me is the most special.

I was thinking this week about the vast opportunities we have getting to deeply know our own children when we take on the responsibility of teaching them at home. I even had a woman tell me one time that

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