As you give thanks today, remember this…

With our own children now approaching “middle age” (admittedly still on the very low end of that arbitrary range) and our oldest grandchild now a teenager, I can tell you that of all the things I’m thankful for after 42 years of marriage, the fact that we chose “homeschooling” beginning in 1982 is

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Choosing Not to Worry

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find myself worrying. Sure, we can all worry about homeschooling, how our students will turn out, if we are doing a good job, etc. And if you are like me,  

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What do you want?

I stumbled upon a quote a while ago that had me pondering all its meanings.

It read:  To be disciplined is to remember what you want. 

As you are all gathering materials and planning the teaching year to come, it’s probably wise to solidify your goals.  Why exactly was it that

Letting our Children Fail

I am staring at the cutest greeting card I think I’ve ever seen.  It is of a boy about five or six years old in a striped shirt holding a hammer and attempting to build a little wooden boat.  He is scrunched over with intense concentration as he tries to hit the nail directly on the head.  Inside, the card reads: If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

As I was looking at the card and enjoying the artwork, I thought of all the times we moms try to make things perfect for our children.  We want to help them do everything so that they will feel successful and have “adult” perfect projects.  We don’t want them to experience any frustration, and of course

Finding Balance with the Blackbird

On a drive through the country one day, I noticed a red-winged blackbird flying rapidly across a fallow field.  In the center of the field there was an unusually tall mullein plant.  This weedy plant has a large dinner-plate-size rosette of fuzzy green leaves at its base.  Rising from the base is a three-foot bare stalk that has yellow flowers on it when it’s in bloom.

Catching sight of the red stripe out of the corner of my eye, I watched him