Want to be a better mom?

Quite a few years ago I had the pleasure of reading a book entitled What Every Mom Needs by Elisa Morgan and Carol Kuykendall. During a time when I was feeling small frustrations in my life as a mother, this book was such an answer for me.  As a new mom, I found myself putting my husband and our first daughter at the top of every single priority list. For a season this works, but there comes a point when I start feeling burned out and tired. I realize

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He knowed! He knowed!

Something small but sweet happened to my daughter  a few years ago. In the grand scheme of life, it was small. But to my mamma’s heart and her child-like faith, it was huge. I wanted to share it with you too.

When Lily was younger, she was scheduled to go in for her first eye appointment. She was four then, and her pediatrician thought it would be good for her to see an ophthalmologist to get a baseline examination so we could track her eyesight.

Lily was quite nervous.

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Past, Present and Future and how they Relate to Homeschooling

Jane and I heard in church last Sunday that Christmas is a reminder that Jesus came, 2000 years ago to live among us: Emmanuel. AND, that He is HERE with us now, in the present tense. And of course that He has promised to come again- to wrap up time and eternity. That’s good news!!

But I was thinking these same thoughts in terms of homeschooling. Your homeschooling journey too is

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Trophy Wives and Trophy Children

This is a little bit of a long post, but all of my efforts to split it into two posts fell flat.  It just felt like I was leaving you hanging!  So get yourself a cup of coffee to enjoy while you read some encouragement from Steve today.


We’re all familiar with the term “trophy wife.” This usually describes the rich, worldly man who chooses not to marry for love, but rather to marry for a suitable “trophy” to show off among his friends and business partners; a beautiful woman, beautifully dressed, perfectly coiffed manicured and lavishly bejeweled. Love never enters into this arrangement- it’s purely about image.  Did you know we can also have “trophy children?”

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Margin in December?

So we’re hurtling headlong toward Christmas, and for most of us that means stumbling over a thousand loose ends and to-do projects that seem to consume our every waking thought at times.



Find some margin.

Read a book with your children.

Go for a walk.

NO holiday is worth losing your peace or being so over-committed that you end up wanting to

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