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Trophy Wives and Trophy Children

This is a little bit of a long post, but all of my efforts to split it into two posts fell flat.  It just felt like I was leaving you hanging!  So get yourself a cup of coffee to enjoy while you read some encouragement from Steve today.


We’re all familiar with the term “trophy wife.” This usually describes the rich, worldly man who chooses not to marry for love, but rather to marry for a suitable “trophy” to show off among his friends and business partners; a beautiful woman, beautifully dressed, perfectly coiffed manicured and lavishly bejeweled. Love never enters into this arrangement- it’s purely about image.  Did you know we can also have “trophy children?”

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Choosing to slow down

My husband has been reading a book called  Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives by Dr. Richard A. Swenson. At times Steve has shared some of what he has read with me, and a passage he read last night really caught my imagination and set me to thinking overtime about the subject of anticipation and reflection.

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Margin in December?

So we’re hurtling headlong toward Christmas, and for most of us that means stumbling over a thousand loose ends and to-do projects that seem to consume our every waking thought at times.



Find some margin.

Read a book with your children.

Go for a walk.

NO holiday is worth losing your peace or being so over-committed that you end up wanting to

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As you give thanks today, remember this…

With our own children now approaching “middle age” (admittedly still on the very low end of that arbitrary range) and our oldest grandchild now a teenager, I can tell you that of all the things I’m thankful for after 42 years of marriage, the fact that we chose “homeschooling” beginning in 1982 is

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