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A third generation educator, Jane Claire made the decision to begin homeschooling her own two children in 1981. Having met only one homeschooler at the time and with almost no homeschool curriculum available for purchase, Jane began developing her own unique teaching style centering around great children’s books and a highly interactive approach to learning. Today Jane continues to encourage homeschoolers worldwide through her multiple award-winning Five in a Row curriculum while enjoying her five grandchildren who all live less than ten minutes from her home.

Thanksgiving Week – Including Children!



Harvest bounty.

We Gather Together to Ask the Lord’s Blessing.

Turkeys and all the favorite trimmings.

Pilgrims and Indians.

Kindness and Hope.

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come!

At Five in a Row we are thankful for all these things. We are so thankful, too, for each of you who is committed to your families and faithfully nurturing your children. May the Lord bless you richly during this season.

As we begin this Thanksgiving week,

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It’s Robin Day!

I’ve been waiting and watching, as the Fall season has deepened, for the robins. Yes, they arrived in Missouri in the spring and there were a few here and there all summer. But in the fall, on a certain day or two, the migration season takes over and our yard is covered – covered! in robins. They are in the trees, on the grass, fluttering in the bushes, and gobbling up all the

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Learning Readiness in Your Preschooler

Beyond a strong sense of family identity and intimacy, every child needs a foundation in learning readiness before formal schooling can begin effectively.

Learning readiness encompasses four vital specific areas: emotional, relational, physical and spiritual. A child who physically lacks the small muscle motor skills to grasp a pencil and write will find schooling very frustrating. Poor relational skills make a day’s learning taxing and difficult, while the lack of a solid spiritual foundation undermines everything else we set out to accomplish.

You can help your child grow in emotional maturity by dialoguing about fears, joys, disappointments, jealousies, pride, selfishness and the like. An enjoyable, natural way to generate these important dialogues is

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Suggestions for Working With Preschoolers

For the next few posts in our Before Five in a Row series we’re going to talk about some building blocks we want to be sure we put in place during these precious preschool years. First, what do we mean when we talk about a “preschooler?” Obviously, the words literally suggest a season in our child’s life beforehe begins schooling.

But these few, precious preschool years are so much more than just a season of waiting for school to begin.

This is a special season when we have the opportunity to prepare our child for the life long adventure of learning; when we can equip him with the tools he’ll need to tackle learning successfully. We can use these years before formal schooling begins to

Using Before Five in a Row

The Before Five in a Row manual is not composed of a must do list.  Rather, it is composed of many suggestions.  The activity ideas are to encourage and guide you as you create enjoyable times for your child, and to inspire your own creative ideas.  They are certainly not meant to be done all at once!  During these early childhood years, you will enjoy incorporating many of these creative ideas into the time you spend with your child.

Most suggestions include

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