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A third generation educator, Jane Claire made the decision to begin homeschooling her own two children in 1981. Having met only one homeschooler at the time and with almost no homeschool curriculum available for purchase, Jane began developing her own unique teaching style centering around great children’s books and a highly interactive approach to learning. Today Jane continues to encourage homeschoolers worldwide through her multiple award-winning Five in a Row curriculum while enjoying her five grandchildren who all live less than ten minutes from her home.

What does Jane Claire Recommend for Valentine’s Day?

With the upcoming celebration of Valentine’s Day, I was sitting in my office pondering expressions of close families, family ties, and family love as portrayed in literature. Suddenly the titles of books and pictures of families, began to run through my mind: The Swiss Family Robinson, Little Women, Little Men, Heidi (when she makes it back to the arms of her Grandfather on the Alm), Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates, and The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew . If I had waited

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Shine Up that Brightness!

It seems to me that many parents faced with a bright preschooler, seeing that their child is bright, begin to push with academic information…namely reading lessons. Now the child isn’t asking for reading lessons- that’s just what you do when you have a bright child.

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Are we Shortchanging our Children Today?

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I have recently been reading information about children’s education in the 1940’s. Imagine my surprise when I turned one of the pages and saw a picture of several first graders busy at work on a classroom construction project. There was a girl hammering real nails into a board, and a young boy sawing a piece of real wood with a real hand saw, as well as other children busy at various tasks. My immediate reaction was that probably few schools today would ever inspire or allow children to be productive and meaningful in this way. Yet,

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There’s a Reason It’s Called Five in a Row!

Before you make a decision to read the selected story less than five days in a row, it may be helpful to know why the curriculum was developed this way. Then you have the background knowledge it takes to decide how you want to use it with your student.

Do we really have to read the story five days in a row?

Some children read a story only for the plot. When they “know what has happened,” they are ready for a new book. The plot is all they know to find in a book. It takes a bit of creativity and planning for these children to experience the richness of a good story–to find out how much more than just the plot can come to them through a great book!The Five in a Row Curriculum was designed to find many treasures in every story -across several academic topic areas-and to provide a built in review every time you re-read the story. Each day as your child hears the story again,

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Choosing Not to Worry

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find myself worrying. Sure, we can all worry about homeschooling, how our students will turn out, if we are doing a good job, etc. And if you are like me,  

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