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As the author of Beyond Five in a Row, Becky brings the unique perspective of having experienced homeschooling firsthand. Home-schooled beginning at age 7, Becky Jane went on to attend a Christian high school, a community college and finally a private university. First a home school student, then a home school curriculum developer and now a busy homeschooling mother of four, Becky has seen and done it all. She lives with her amazing husband Troy, four wonderful children and two dogs in a Kansas City suburb, not far from where she grew up.

Choose to Sit

I remember a season when I was finding myself overwhelmed. We were preparing to move to a new home and just the thought of packing was making me want to crawl back in bed. My precious daughter, Lily, was cutting her molars and enjoying sharing her pain with the rest of us. And the weather was so cloudy

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For the Family’s Sake – Becky Jane’s Recommendation

As you can imagine in the Five in a Row family, books are important to us.  And one of our favorite things is to pass on recommendations of books that we believe are worth reading!

There’s a book I want to share with you, and it’s the kind of warm, earthy, uplifting and nurturing book you can

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Becky Jane’s Cranberry Thanksgiving Week

I wrote this after my first Cranberry Thanksgiving “row” with my sweet Lily Jane. I thought you might enjoy it as you are planning your Thanksgiving school with your children!

For the last week, my daughter, Lily Jane, and I have been having a marvelous time rowing the Five in a Row Volume One lessons for Cranberry Thanksgiving.This is the first FIAR book we have rowed and Lily has been living and breathing pilgrim life. I thought I would share with you some of the things we’ve enjoyed together.
Of course each day began with

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Give him the answer or help him find it?

One question parents consistently ask me is, “How can we help our children prepare for college?” There are many areas and subjects I could mention, but in this post I want to focus on increasing your student’s research skills.

When I am working on a unit study for one my books, I often spend over one hundred hours researching facts, figures, dates, stories, and background information. I feel blessed because I truly love doing research. It taps into my hidden dream to be Nancy Drew! I adore finding the answers to difficult questions. When I went to college I was amazed at the number of students in my classes who were unable to do their own research. Whether they were writing a paper or speech, or conducting a science experiment they were unprepared to find

Want to be a better mom?

Quite a few years ago I had the pleasure of reading a book entitled What Every Mom Needs by Elisa Morgan and Carol Kuykendall. During a time when I was feeling small frustrations in my life as a mother, this book was such an answer for me.  As a new mom, I found myself putting my husband and our first daughter at the top of every single priority list. For a season this works, but there comes a point when I start feeling burned out and tired. I realize

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