Our very own Jane Claire Lambert was a special guest on The Busy Mom podcast, and I want to be sure you don’t miss any of the episodes!  Jane’s heart is to encourage families along their homeschool journey, and as much as she doesn’t like to speak, this is a rare opportunity to glean wisdom from her wealth! I promise, you’ll be encouraged as Jane shares how much we are not alone!  (Really. We ALL want to put the kids on the big yellow bus sometimes.)

It’s Okay to Have a Bad {Homeschool} Day
Have you ever wanted to put your kids in school? Me too! Jane too!  It’s okay to have a bad day! Join me today for this last interview with my friend, author, wife and veteran homeschool mom, Jane Lambert. Be encouraged, busy mom! God hears you and wants to walk this journey by your side.  Listen in as we share stories of God’s faithfulness—even when “our” plans fall through.