Jane and I heard in church last Sunday that Christmas is a reminder that Jesus came, 2000 years ago to live among us: Emmanuel. AND, that He is HERE with us now, in the present tense. And of course that He has promised to come again- to wrap up time and eternity. That’s good news!!

But I was thinking these same thoughts in terms of homeschooling. Your homeschooling journey too is past, present and future.


Each of you has a wonderful history in homeschooling already- whether you began last September, or in 1982 when Jane and I began. You have a rich treasury of memories, successes, challenges and milestones. You have a litany of testimonies to share, emotions to re-call and experiences to treasure.

AND… you’re supposed to be enjoying the homeschool journey in the present tense as well. Don’t ever short-change yourself by dwelling only on the past and how fun it was when your children were younger or when the economy was better or when there wasn’t a toddler to interrupt. Likewise, never be absent in the moment by dwelling too much on the future, worrying about how you’re going to teach Chemistry or whether or not your children will get college scholarships. Be PRESENT in the moment –right now– today. Enjoy your children and the impromptu learning opportunities than fall into your lap every day- even when your’e officially “not having school” because of the holidays or family travels.

Finally… you have a rich future ahead of you; a promise of more joy to embrace, more memories to create, more challenges to overcome and deeper relationships to build with the most important people in your life. Yes, there will be challenges as you move forward in homeschooling, but it’s an adventure to be enjoyed- not a labor to be endured. If your faith falters, think back to the many questions or problems that seemed so daunting when you began homeschooling but you have long ago conquered. God is faithful. His grace endures beyond just the past or present but far, far into the future as well.

The Bible says that God has a wonderful plan for your life- and for the lives of your children. Embrace that plan with joy and anticipation rather than fear or trepidation.

Homeschooling HAS given you a memorable past,

IS giving you a rich present and

WILL give you a rewarding future if you’ll but persist in faith touched with grace.


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