Jane Claire Lambert
Jane Claire LambertAuthor

A third generation educator, Jane Claire made the decision to begin homeschooling her own two children in 1981. Having met only one homeschooler at the time and with almost no homeschool curriculum available for purchase, Jane began developing her own unique teaching style centering around great children’s books and a highly interactive approach to learning. Today Jane continues to encourage homeschoolers worldwide through her multiple award-winning Five in a Row curriculum while enjoying her five grandchildren who all live less than ten minutes from her home.

Becky Jane Lambert
Becky Jane LambertAuthor

As the author of Beyond Five in a Row, Becky brings the unique perspective of having experienced homeschooling firsthand. Home-schooled beginning at age 7, Becky Jane went on to attend a Christian high school, a community college and finally a private university. First a home school student, then a home school curriculum developer and now a busy homeschooling mother of four, Becky has seen and done it all. She lives with her amazing husband Troy, four wonderful children and two dogs in a Kansas City suburb, not far from where she grew up.

Steve Lambert
Steve LambertPublisher

A busy working father of two, Steve found himself “along for the ride” when Jane first began homeschooling more than 30 years ago. But he quickly saw the benefit to Jane’s unique approach to teaching and became an enthusiastic cheerleader as he watched his children’s love of learning blossom. By the mid-nineties, Steve had become a popular author and speaker at homeschool conventions nationwide. Today Steve remains involved in a variety of family-related ministries, public speaking and writing while enjoying the wonderful role of grandfather.


Melissa Crabtree
Melissa CrabtreeCommunity Manager

I’m married to a great guy and am a former public school, special education teacher. I am thankful for the privilege to stay home and homeschool my two great kids while supporting Five in a Row in their social media platforms.

Fun Facts: I love to read, sing in my church choir and serve our community in disability ministry. When my kids grow up, I’ll get back to painting ceramics, crafting and digital scrapbooking!

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love that Five in a Row allows me to teach my children together! I have the freedom to adapt it easily to meet each of their needs, even though there is a four year age difference!

Levels Used: Before, Five in a Row, Nature Studies, Through the Seasons. About ready to start Beyond.

Laurie Baird
Laurie BairdFIAR Mentor

I love to read; love to enjoy time with my husband and two kids. I am a sports fanatic.

Fun Facts: I was on a championship intramural powder puff flag football team in college.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: Five in a Row helps me build relationships with my kids.

Levels Used: Before, Five in a Row, Beyond.

Carrie Bozeman
Carrie BozemanFIAR Holiday Moderator

I’m married to an amazing man and have a beautiful daughter that is a joy to raise, teach and nurture!

Fun Facts: I love sports, reading, sewing and crafting!

Favorite Thing About FIAR: The joy in my daughter’s face when I tell her it’s time for a new book each week!

Levels Used: Before, Five in a Row 

Barb Cash
Barb CashPrayer Place Moderator

I have been happily married to Tim for over 20 years and have 5 amazing children. My husband is the lead pastor of a church in Loganville, GA and we have been home-schooling for 15 years.

Fun Facts: I love to read, cook and antique shop, and leading women into a freeing relationship with Jesus is my passion.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: FIAR has allowed us to learn in a family way and to come to treasure literature, something near and dear to my heart.  FIAR has not only been a very important part of my home-schooling journey, but my life as a whole. I have developed some very dear friendships through FIAR and I am a better home-schooler, friend, wife and mama because of these relationships.

Levels Used: Before, Five in a Row, Beyond, Through the Seasons and Nature Studies.

Kendra Cooke
Kendra CookeFIAR Mentor

I live in Tasmania, Australia with my husband (The Man From Down Under), our two curious boys that are determined to be inventors and a dog who’s willing to be their sidekick. We are second generation home-schoolers, so naturally our children think everyone is home-schooled. We’ve tried to correct their thinking, but we seem to be failing miserably at it.

Fun Facts: When we aren’t at home we’re usually at the beach, playing games, or camping in the bush. Unless it’s footy season, we go a little crazy during footy season.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love that FIAR taught my children to love learning, to love reading, & to be passionate about books. I can’t ask for much more then that!

Levels Used: Before, Five In A Row, & about to embark with Beyond.

Dawn Gilmore
Dawn GilmoreFIAR Forums Administrator

My husband and I have been married since 1990, and have four wonderful children, from 10-19. I am a nurse and have worked most of my career in Newborn ICU, or pediatrics.

Fun Facts: My hobbies are knitting (an addiction, more than a hobby!), gardening, and reading. I have chickens in my back yard, and would love to live on a little farm where I could have more animals, and more gardens, someday.   I started using Before FIAR as soon as it was written… around 1996, I think, and have been hanging out here forever.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love the wonderful stories Jane and Becky have chosen. They are a wonderful door to learning, and have taught my children to explore their interests.

Levels Used: Before FIAR, Five in a Row, Beyond FIAR, Above & Beyond.

Kristina Jackson
Kristina JacksonBefore FIAR Moderator

Crazy Jesus loving wife to Jon, Mom to Kylie, Luke and Jake (who thrives on living life in the moment)!

Fun Facts: Someday I might be able to stick to a hobby, but until then I love to read, blog, spend time outdoors and hang with the fam.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love that FIAR is a shared experience for all of my kids. The fact that my older kids huddle around a book and share FIAR memories, then replay their experiences with our toddler makes my heart happy!

Levels Used: Before, Five in a Row and Beyond.

Leslie Nelsen
Leslie NelsenFamily Rm Moderator

I love Jesus and being a wife to Roger and Mom to six amazing children ages 5-19.

Fun Facts: I enjoy scrap-booking, reading, playing games and going on lots field trips near and far! I also run a FIAR group in the Triangle area of North Carolina for anyone interested and living in the area.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love the sweet memories that we have made as a family through art, cooking, experiments and more! Using this curriculum has made me a better and more fun mom! We’ve been rowing since 1997!

Levels Used: Before, FIAR and Beyond.

Paige Poland
Paige PolandFIAR Mentor

I’m married to a wonderful man and have four children. I feel very blessed that the Lord called me (and provided a way for me) to be able to be home with our children and home school them.

Fun Facts: I grew up in Europe (Holland), used to teach high school English, and am a former Navy wife (my husband is retired).

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love snuggling on the couch and reading with my children and seeing them so excited about learning.

Levels Used: Before, Five in a Row.

Rachel Jane Stintzcum
Rachel Jane StintzcumFIAR Mentor

Mother of two boys raised with FIAR, wife of utility lineman, home educator for 15 years.

Fun Facts: I work part time as a dog trainer and do dog sports with my own dogs.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love how FIAR gave us a family vocabulary of references from reading and discussing books together. This carried over to books outside of FIAR and we still all read out loud to one another.

Levels Used: FIAR, Beyond, Above and Beyond.

Jennifer Unsell
Jennifer UnsellFIAR Mentor

Born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. Saved by the blood of Jesus, Wife to computer genius Bryan and Mom to 4 girls and 2 boys. Home Educator using FIAR for 10 years now. We have lived in TN, NC, and AL during the past 19 years.

Fun Facts: I am an avid book lover, music lover, poetry lover, art lover, food lover and Pinterest addict. I love trying new recipes. We collect children’s picture & chapter books and our current home library contains a little over 5000 of them. I have been writing poetry since I was 6.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: FIAR’s flexibility, gentleness and ability to use with multiple ages together.

Levels Used: Before, FIAR, Beyond.

Hollie Vollmar
Hollie VollmarSpecial Needs Moderator

I’m married to an environmental engineer and we have three sons.

Fun Facts: I love paper crafting and reading, but time is in short supply so I seem to collect supplies and books more than anything else. Tis the season…..

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love how Five in a Row has taken our schooling and made it a family experience with many sweet memories.

Levels Used: Before, FIAR, Beyond, and Above and Beyond!

Linda Wasylenko
Linda WasylenkoFIAR Mentor

Wife to an amazing man and Mom to six beautiful & busy children ranging from preschool to high school.

Fun Facts: I love to read, travel and spend time with my family.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: FIAR is more than a curriculum, it’s a way of life. I found FIAR when my oldest was only two. It dramatically changed our lives – for the better!

Levels Used: Before, Five in a Row.

Julie Young
Julie YoungFIAR Mentor

I’ve been married for 32 years, a mother for 26, a Christian for 24, homeschooling for 21 and FIARowing for 16. I have nine children ages 10-26 and am homeschooling my final two students.

Fun Facts: I’m at a new stage of life: pondering what I’m going to be when my children grow up! I love to read and write, and am learning to quilt now that I have a little breathing space in my life.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love the fact that, when my young-adult children come across a FIAR title, their immediate response is, “I love that book!” Many of our best homeschooling memories come from activities, field trips and co-ops linked to FIAR. The curriculum helped me become a better teacher; the forums helped me become a better mother.

Levels Used: Before, FIAR, Beyond.

Marcia Young
Marcia YoungFIAR Graduate Moderator

I’ve been in the FIAR community for over 13 years I’m the mom of four and wife to one hardworking, fun-loving guy.

Fun Facts: I love baseball and football. I enjoy animals, crocheting, walking, cooking for my family, volunteering, and laughing.

Favorite Thing About FIAR: I love that FIAR instilled the love of learning into our family. It allowed my children to be independent, unique thinkers. I love how we all learned as a family.

Levels Used: Before, FIAR, Beyond.