Steve is guest posting over on The Busy Homeschool Mom’s blog today, but you’ll want to be sure to get over there and read it! Such good encouragement for all busy moms to apply!

Did you ever watch your child running with a too-full cup of water or juice? How long did it take you to clean up the mess? Spills are inevitable when we’re moving too fast and our cup is too full.

Life is like that, isn’t it? When our cups are too full and we are moving too fast we end up creating a mess that needs to be cleaned up.
We tend to schedule our lives until they’re spilling over at the brim allowing ourselves 20 minutes to get from the piano lesson to the dentist and promising to make a dinner for the nice family at church who just had a baby on the same day we’re already committed to having guests for dinner at our home.
To paraphrase one of the many popular Facebook posts of late, “I have too much spare time and wish I had more to do, said no mother, ever.”
Our lives need margin. Our days need space to breathe. Our schedules need …