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**I posted the linky for Before Five in a Row the day we outgrew our other subscription service, so be sure to check that out and add your linky for how you use Before Five in a Row! If you want to write up a post but don’t have a blog, email it to melissa @ fiveinarow . com (no spaces) and attach it as a Word doc.  I can upload it as a file for others to see. I’d love to include as many of you as possible!  I’ll be posting the linkies for Five in a Row and Beyond Five in a row in the next two weeks, so be writing! We got a bit off schedule while we were setting up the new service. Thanks for your understanding!

**There’s a giveaway I wanted to be sure you knew about! Over at Ben and Me they’re hosting a giveaway, and there are Five in a Row prizes for each of the three winners! Among all of the great prizes is a chance to win the complete Five in a Row Digital Holiday book, the complete set of encouraging audio files from Steve Lambert, or a Volume 4 Digital Unit of your choice!
Here’s a list of all of the great sponsors:

It only goes through March 17th, so be sure to enter today! I’d love to see one of our Five in a Row mamas win!