Now that everyone’s settling back in after the holiday fun, I wanted to point out all of the Five in a Row books that are set in the winter season!  It’s not necessary that you row a book during the correct season, as doing it in the off season provides a great opportunity for review, but in our home we really enjoy exploring the season in the context of a great book.  The other benefit of rowing a book during the correct season is that it’s a perfect way to tie in the…

Five in a Row nature studies! Have you seen them? There is a beautiful, rich, fully illustrated (by Jane Claire Lambert) unit written for each season full of activity ideas, book selections, printables, artist study and more! Here’s a post where I describe them in detail, and a here’s a page with convenient links to purchase for immediate download. They are the perfect addition to any curricula. They are not Five in a Row specific!

I’ve also just set up a new Five in a Row Nature Study Forum on the Five in a Row Forums – the most encouraging place on the web! Come join us over there and share your best winter nature study ideas and experiences!  You could also follow us on Pinterest where I’ll be adding winter activities there too!

Without further adieu, I’ll move on to the list.  Don’t try to fit them all in one year!  Do a few this year and save some for other winters! And if you’re already into Five in a Row Volumes 1-4, your student will likely still enjoy a read through or two of the Before titles.  Mine do!  If you happen to be a family who does not use Five in a Row as your main curricula, each and every one of these titles will be a delightful addition to any bedtime routine, daily reading time, or book basket in your family room.

Before Five in a Row

The Snowy Day
We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Five in a Row

Katy and the Big Snow – Vol. 1
Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening – 1
The Rag Coat – 1
Another Celebrated Dancing Bear – 1
Very Last First time – 1
Owl Moon – 2
Daniel’s Duck – 3
Wild Horses of Sweetbriar – 3
Warm as Wool – 3
Snowflake Bentley – 4
Hanna’s Cold Winter – 4


Enjoy, friends!  And while we’re talking about seasons, has anyone taken on the task of rewriting The Garden Year for your location?

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