With our own children now approaching “middle age” (admittedly still on the very low end of that arbitrary range) and our oldest grandchild now a teenager, I can tell you that of all the things I’m thankful for after 42 years of marriage, the fact that we chose “homeschooling” beginning in 1982 is right at the very top of my list. What a remarkable journey we went on as a family! The lessons we shared and the books we read and the places we went during those 17 years of homeschooling continue to shape who we are today- both as a family and as individuals. The goodness of that experience and the richness that was deposited in ALL of our lives by those shared experiences and memories continue to manifest themselves by blessing our grandchildren and someday, our great-grandchildren no doubt. As you give thanks today for all the good things in your life, give SPECIAL THANKS for the privilege of homeschooling your children- even on the challenging days. It is a blessing that will pay rich dividends for generations to come!!!

Wishing you and yours a truly blessed Thanksgiving holiday from the Five in a Row family,

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