Recently I’ve found great joy in reading the works of nature lovers, naturalists, and scientists from the late 1800s and early 1900s. It seems like so long ago, and yet their observations of nature are exactly the same as the ones I’ve noted in my own journals throughout my life! What they saw and appreciated, I’ve seen and loved as well. Comfortingly, nature is nature, and it goes on season after season, year after year. It is a good thing to share that comfort with our children. In addition, we can learn from those who have tramped the woods and fields or gazed into the night skies before us and allow them to help us make or interpret the wonderful discoveries of our own.

We all need to spend some time each week out of doors, not just the children.  It is hard to put the to do list down and make time in nature a priority, but you will feel better for it!  Let the wonders around you speak volumes about who God is, and how He can relieve your stresses and strengthen you through His own marvelous works. Slow down and breathe deeply the fresh air that is sure to satisfy more than your lungs.  The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to getting outside and discovering the treasures that are scattered everywhere.

In addition to the benefits you’ll receive from spending time in nature yourself, I have found it to be gloriously true that spending time outdoors with children will also build companionship!   The camaraderie that ensues when groups set out to walk together or explore the nature available is simply magical. It just happens! There are such thrilling sights to see, and wonders to observe, people of all ages are brought closer together in the experience. Whether you are discovering a tiny ant with your toddler, or a giant Sequoia redwood on a family vacation…it is an adventure together!

Let’s regain some ground that has been lost, and find new ways to enjoy the beauty and wonder that has been set so richly before us. In the next several posts, I’ll be sharing about the various aspects of nature study: nature walks, nature journaling for all ages and caring for the Earth. You’ll also see and read excerpts from each of the four Five in a Row Digital Nature Studies interwoven through the posts. My hope is that when we’re done with this series you will have grown in your commitment to nature study- for yourself and with your children- and you will see that the Five in a Row Digital Nature Studies are the perfect springboard toward a lifelong love of nature study! I hope you enjoy our journey!

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